“Roberto Bronco” is the project of Dennis Erbeck, a producer from Bielefeld (Germany). His musical roots are based somewhere in between Chillout, Lounge, Lo-Fi, Electronica, Downbeat, Funk, Soul and especially HipHop.
He grew up playing piano in his childhood and various other instruments self-educated through his whole life.  After several years of Djing he started producing music in 2003 and is still, working under several pseudonyms.

The project “Roberto Bronco” developed from all the different musical influences and can be seen as a result of this musical journey, combining all the elements of his favorite taste of music which crossed his path. This mixture of different genres is spiced up with the typical positive “Bronco” vibe, a special feeling transported by grooves and arrangements who are inspired and made for all the enjoyable moments in life. After his Chillout LP debut in 2013 called „Welcome To The Broncolounge”, his second album “At the Broncolounge” (2015) and his third album "Promise" (2017) were released on Lemongrassmusic, just like his last and 4th album which is called „Move In Silence" (released 14th of september 2018). He is also publishing exclusive tracks on "Deep Inspiration Show Records" and „M-Sol Records“. Roberto Bronco was featured on more than a hundred releases so far (digital, CD and vinyl) including single tracks from his albums as well as exclusive tracks, collaborations and remixes for and with other artists from all around the globe. His 5th album (Instrumental - HipHop - Chillout LP) is coming up soon, straight vinyl via Deep Inspiration Show Records.

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